Everything You Wanted to Know about Collagen Cream!

Much like anything else these days, there are two sides to every story and collagen cream is no different. If you want to know more about collagen cream and the types and associated disorders that these products are most used for, it can be very easy to get confused about what collagen cream is, what it does, and how effective it is.  Here we will get to the bottom of these questions and reveal exactly everything you need to know about collagen and collagen products in order to make the most use of them.

Collagen creams are products that are used by millions of consumers all over the world, and they are used for a variety of things.  The most popular reason that people use these products is to maintain a more youthful looking skin, as collagen and the collagen molecule itself is widely reported to have many anti-aging effects on the skin.  But looking and feeling more beautiful is only ONE reason people use collagen creams.  In addition to being very effective anti-aging products, they also offer a number of relief options for people that are suffering from skin conditions that have led to scarring of the skin.  In many cases, collagen cream is useful for people that have acne scarring, or have had laser tattoo removal, as the structural proteins in collagen will assist in better skin repair to damaged areas.

How does this happen?  To truly understand why collagen creams are as effective as we say they are, you want to understand the science behind them.  Collagen creams are based on the collagen molecule that is found right in the human body.  Collagen fibers that comprise these molecules are rubber in nature, and they are proteins that are found in the connective tissues in our body.  These fibrous proteins are found in our ligaments, joints, and anywhere our body has cartilage.  Collagen actually makes up approximately 80% of our skin, but, like most areas of the human body, production of collagen will decline with age.  This decline in the production of collagen is a contributing factor to the look that skin takes on as it ages.  If there is scarring from conditions such as acne or tattoo removal, the production of collagen is decreased even more.

As we age, we will lose up to 30% of the collagen structure in our skin, and this leads to the development of wrinkles, deepening of scar tissue, and skin sagging.  The structure of collagen actually is such that when formulated as a skin care product, it can actually slow down this process of aging, and in some cases, stop it all together. Skin care lines that can claim the benefits of collagen fibers are taking advantage of the various types of collagen and its molecular structure in order to provide a solution that meets a wide range of skin care needs.

Collagen creams work to improve the structural proteins in the skin’s existing collagen, and this also strengthens the structural proteins of the skin’s elastin.  In order to successfully combat the signs of aging that come with the decline of the production of collagen, you want products that will strengthen both the collagen and elastin components of your skin to get that younger looking glow you covet so much.

But the use of collagen product is not just restricted to those that want better looking skin, and this is where the science of collagen fibers is so important.  Anyone that suffers from an internal disorder that affects the metabolism of bodily chemicals known as proline or hydroxyproline can also benefit from collagen creams.  These chemicals are known as amino acids, and are proteins that our bodies need to prevent a lot of things, such as scurvy or Vitamin deficiency.

Many times however a disorder that affects the imbalances of these amino acid proteins will show up as a collagen deficiency, because collagen production comes to an end.   The individual will experience things like hair loss, receding gums, or will see easy bruising of the skin.  When there are hydroxyproline deficiencies present, amino acid deficiency is present as well, and this means both collagen and elastin productions are affected.

As you can see, collagen fibers make up 80% of our skin, and thus you can see how important collagen fibers are to our overall well being.  The fibrillar structure of collagen is important to ensure our skin stays healthy and strong.  Since the skin is our largest organ, it only makes sense to take good care of it.

Collagen cream has been the topic of much controversy in many industries, as most revolutionary treatments are.  Controversy is often the product of confusion, and it is confusion around the collagen cream ingredients that creates stirs.  Of the many various lines of collagen cream on the market today, there are none that actually contain the collagen molecule. The reason for this is that the collagen molecule is too big to actually be absorbed through the skin.  So the key ingredients in leading collagen creams today are ones composed of functional keratin, that is a combination of amino acids and proteins that help your body produce collagen itself.

“Can I take collagen?” is one of the most common questions associated with the use of collagen therapy.  Today’s advances in technology have lead to the production of collagen creams that are extremely safe and easy to use.  There are little to no side effects when using collagen creams, no matter what you are using them for.  Whether you are using collagen to combat acne scarring, amino acid deficiency, or just want better and younger looking skin, collagen creams will also be a safer and more effective choice over cosmetic surgery.  In addition, surgery that involves skin repair and correction is costly, and carries a wide number of risks.  Those are risks you just won’t have to worry about if you try collagen cream.

The collagen fibril molecule in the human body is the most abundant protein in the human skin, and it is important that we take care of it. The fibrillar structure of the triple helix found in the DNA structure of the collagen molecule is the only science you need to know to appreciate the wide number of benefits of collagen therapy for your skin.  Collagen therapy is indicated for and effective for a wide number of skin disorders and conditions that go beyond standard anti-aging therapy. No matter what your skin care needs are, collagen should play a large role in your skin care regime.  It composes 80% of your entire skin makeup, and we are losing its production every day.  Your skin is there to protect you from the elements, and it’s your job to take care of IT so that it can take care of YOU.  Collagen therapy is the easiest way to do just that!

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